In My Third Decade

Meet Tim Veenstra, the guy who took my job, and keeps taking it!

We are consistently coached to multiply ourselves or make ourselves replaceable as a leader in youth ministry, but what do you do when you meet the person you believe is supposed to take your position, but you don’t sense it’s time for you to step away from the church. I have been the one stepping in to replace (hear more about that in Episode 08 – Meet My Mentor), and I have been the one stepping to the side to be replaced by my guest on this episode.

Tim Veenstra is the Student Ministries Pastor at Nappanee Missionary Church. He started as a Summer intern between his Junior and Senior year of college. Upon graduation from Indiana Wesleyan University, he came on in a 2 year transition to ministry internship at NMC, and after one year, he was hired on as the High School Pastor. Tim has now been at NMC for 6 years. I’m confident you will be encouraged and challenged from our story and his words.

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