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We are live this morning from the Youth Pastor Summit at Universal Studios. We promise, we actually have real jobs, and don’t just hang out at theme parks. YPS is a FREE conference put on by Student Leadership University, and comes with two free meals and a free ticket to Universal!
Tim had a Wednesday night where everything went wrong, and that was ok. Even though 75% of his leaders couldn’t be there, and attendance was low, it was still a powerful night with his students!
We gave out the final  details on how to enter our Day at Disney Contest. This week’s entry will go to anyone who tags us or shares something about our show on social media. We will be doing the drawing next Monday! You can still enter the contest by following our social media accounts, leaving reviews on facebook or iTunes, and can enter the contest by signing up for our mailing lists here.
Andrew got some devastating news: the church needs a new roof. Just a few days later though, God provided and a member in the church who recently died left a portion of the estate to pay for the roof!
We talked with two of our best ministry buddies; Riley Lester and Collin Hoke. They talked about their ministries, follow up after big events, and changing up key programming. 
We were both preaching this Sunday, and God worked in big ways! Its been a good week, and we can’t wait for next week!
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