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Today we continue our series “Creating a Culture of…” The most important part of being a successful youth pastor isn’t teaching, meeting with kids, or planning events. It isn’t how charismatic we are, or how big our budget is. The most important thing is building a culture, what we call the “environmental architecture of a healthy ministry. Over time, our culture becomes a living entity, a self-perpetuating lifeform, allowing our ministries to grow and flourish year after year. It’s bigger than us and bigger than our current crop of students or leaders.

For this series, we’ve identified four key elements of any youth ministry culture – fun, outreach, leadership, and family.

Today, Mathew and Steve discuss how to create a culture of outreach. With the current generation more unchurched than ever, it’s important to remain focused on those outside our walls, inspiring students to be others-focused as we tell the world about Jesus. We can help by making sure we use non-churchy language in our ministry, by encouraging our students to think tribally and strategically about reaching out to their friends, and by being involved in the community ourselves. With so many responsibilities associated with running a youth ministry, outreach is easy to leave behind. A healthy youth ministry will always be thinking of fresh ways to reach new students and perpetuate a culture of outreach. We believe at least 25% of a healthy youth ministry should be students whose families do not yet attend your church.

By the way, we are still waiting for someone to take us up on our Youth Pastor Exchange Program. Daytona? Scottsdale? Santa Monica? Anyone?


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