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Politics, covid, race, — it has been a tumultuous 10 months. We spent the previous two episodes processing some of our frustrations with the culture of division and talking about how we can help our students think more clearly and with a broader perspective. To bring closure, we thought it would be helpful to bring in another voice, and we have to say, we chose wisely!
Theo Davis is a youth pastor in Kansas City. He’s also an artist, a father, an introvert, and a voice of reason, gentleness, and unity. He’s also black, serving in a mostly white neighborhood, in a city with a deep history of racism. He has experienced more racism in his life than we realized. The two old white guys who host this show needed to listen to him. We’re guessing you do, too.
Listening, asking questions, gaining empathy – these are the things that can bring friendship and understanding instead of arguments and echo chambers.
Oddly, before this conversation, we’d never met. But we have a lot in common. Theo is from Maryland. He served for seven years at one of the state’s biggest churches. He grew up in Mathew’s backyard in Montgomery County (well, not literally, but almost), and one of his former youth leaders was one of Steve’s favorite students in high school.
Theo is an active part of the Download Youth Ministry family, serving as a moderator in our Facebook Community.

Theo’s post following the George Floyd murder and subsequent riots was shared over 6,000 times. It’s called, “8 Things My White Friends Can Do.”
Other resources Theo recommends: (season 3)
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