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We took a couple months off, and the world lost its collective mind!
The Sherpas, who both live a few miles north of Washington, DC, are swimming in the waters of politics in our cities and our churches. Watching riots in the Capitol building recently (and recording this just two days prior to an inauguration to be conducted under lockdown), we cannot escape the craziness. Neither can our students. We are thinking and talking about it, and so are they. No one is blind to the tumult our country has experienced in recent months. The problem for us as youth workers is, how do we talk to our students about politics and represent Jesus while doing so? And how do we avoid falling into a pothole so deep we’ll never make it out alive, or employed?
In this episode, we talk about some filters we find helpful. These help us, and our students, think critically about the information we consume and how to respond to it. Hopefully, it helps us see the world as Jesus sees it.
Hey, if we get fired, we can always get jobs eating pizza and watching Netflix:
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