In Youth Ministry Sherpas

The Youth Ministry Sherpas are struggling.

This has been a hard year for everyone. A worldwide pandemic, racial tensions, political divisiveness, church shutdowns, social media tirades, constant pivots, lose-lose decisions, constant criticisms, health struggles, personal losses–there is a giant buffet of factors that have taken their toll on us. Heck, even the parrots are mad! We feel like we are in the middle of a 15-round fight and we keep taking body blow after body blow. We are weary.

We are betting there are plenty of youth pastors who feel this way. Are you discouraged, tired, defeated, discouraged, frustrated and lonely? The bad news is we have no real answers to give. The good news is we have each other, and it feels good to talk about it. We hope you see yourself in this conversation if for no other reason than to realize you are not alone. We are proud members of the Download Youth Ministry Podcast Network!

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