In My Third Decade

Longest episode yet, and it’s talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I made a commitment for 2019 to re-watch every MCU movie, then realized I might as well do this leading into Avengers: End Game. I wasn’t alone, so 3 other youth pastors join me to talk through their Marvel re-watch experience.

We spoil a lot of the previous 21 movies as we share, and in the final 30 minutes we play out a lot of speculation. Sit back and enjoy.


-Watch the MCU in chronological order according to the MCU timeline:
-Ironman didn’t have a script:
-Universal and Disney came together to pull of Stan Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel: From Marvel Us Disney Podcast (story starts at 11:40)
Kevin Smith shares about that cameo (Warning: In the words of Captain America, “LANGUAGE!”
-Stan Lee is a Watcher theory:
-Filming the Shawarma post-credit scenes in Avengers:

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